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[Made with Recycled Materials]

Anova Athletica is a sustainable athletic apparel brand

We create functional performance gear using recycled materials to lower harmful emissions from textile production

[Pursuing a better tomorrow]


Anova Testimonials

This shirt is incredibly comfortable and soaks up the sweat from my body, keeping me cool during my runs. I can't believe it's made from recycled material! 

Rick P.

I was blown away by the material of the shirt. Not only was the fabric lightweight and breathable, it fit perfectly and is very comfortable! 

Brandon S.

I was very impressed by the quality and comfort of these socks. They have the right amount of compression and comfortable cushion without being overly thick.

Sharon M.
Eco-Friendly Athletic Apparel Brand Eco-Friendly Athletic Apparel Brand
1% of all sales are donated to various environmental preservation nonprofits through 1% for the Planet.