Our Vision

Our Vision | Anova Athletica

Our Vision

Anova Athletica was founded on the ideals of sustainability. Our company recognizes the impact that the manufacture of synthetic materials has on the environment. To learn more about the harmful impact of petroleum-based synthetics, click here.

While our launch was successful last year, we reflected, and realized that our purpose is more. Sustainability is a goal, but we want pursue various initiatives. Our company now focuses on three ideals: Sustainability, Circularity, and Contribution.


Reduce carbon impact from virgin synthetic fibers. Simply said, but harder to achieve. Our goal is to use recycled materials rather than contributing to the creation of new plastics. Our clothing items will contain rPET, which is recycled polyester created from water bottles. Learn more.


From supply chain to distribution to our customers, we will be fully transparent about our manufacturing processes. We will share where we create our products, who is involved in the process, and what methods we use from start to finish. Knowing where the product came from is important to us, and is something we are excited to share with our customers.


We will contribute revenues from purchases of our products to unique initiatives throughout the world. Our hope is to shed light on causes that many people may not be aware of. While giving to these communities, we also hope to inspire others to take action.

Final Notes

We are excited for the future and hope you join us on this journey. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on new product launches and initiatives!

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