Where Did My Clothes Come From?

Where Did My Clothes Come From? | Anova Athletica

Transparency in Business

Many businesses suffer from the supply chain and operational secrecy. It's very difficult for customers to understand where their product came from and who made it. As awareness surrounding manufacturing conditions and global welfare continues to rise, businesses are being pressured to share information about their operations.

What We Do Different

At Anova Athletica, we have a different perspective about accessibility. We believe our customers should have access to information regarding all processes involved in making our clothing. In this way, we are better connected with our customers and can focus on our sustainable initiatives as well as social impact.

Soon, our website will include graphics and information about exactly where we source our materials. We plan to source materials from areas that we want to contribute to. For example, we will eventually source materials from Nepal and promote disaster relief initiatives in the Kathmandu area.

Our Past

To be upfront about our existing conditions, we initially sourced our products from Chinese manufacturers in Dongguan Shenqi and in Xiamen City. Both of these manufacturers were vetted and have the necessary certifications. Going forward, we plan to source materials elsewhere. We started here because recycled polyester is mainly produced in China. It is very difficult to find manufacturers in other parts of the world that create the type of product we are looking for.

However, that will change, and we are taking initiative to make the challenge a reality. As mentioned earlier, our goal is full transparency. We want our customers to be confident in knowing that their product came from a unique place and is having a positive social impact.

Final Words

We care about circularity. Our business is as much ours at it is yours. Rather than withholding information, we think that sharing as much as possible will help drive the change we are inspired to make. If you are interested in learning more about our vision, click here.

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